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Welcome to ZIZI - Simply Beautiful

ZIZI are proud to present a totally unique range of greeting cards, social stationery and giftwrap. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

These unique cards blend contemporary style with high quality printing and finishing processes that match your customer’s needs perfectly. Every piece is beautifully presented using the highest quality materials and the most detailed finishing.

We supply both retailers in the UK and distributors all around the world.


ZIZI Dream
ZIZI Verve

Koko Designs – The Art of Fusion…Creating Something Truly Precious

A luxury collection of . . . 

beautifully designed . . . beautifully manufactured . . . beautifully finished cards

only available from ZIZI.

KOKO represents the pinnacle of contemporary greeting cards, setting new benchmarks and representing the art of fusion between elegant design, luxurious materials and distinctive finishes.

Creating something truly precious . . . of timeless elegance . . .


Koko Amari
Koko Bloom